He is amazed by her silence.She has gone limp.Her breathing steady But silent He giggles with anticipation with knife in handA voice comes forth saying “mine at last!!”A loud laughter comes from her booming out of no whereHis face grows pale…Another voice comes out “Well this is unexpected, what a turn of events.”He cocks his head looking at her with a curious expression.The laughter continues but gets louder and louder..Then a siren voice comes from her mouth as it opens.”Do you know what you have done?”Dead silence…”The others are here they would like to say hello”He glares at her puzzled…??She laughs louder…”You killed them all leaving them to suffer in this hell you call a sanctuary!”Almost 100 victims and no one has caught you yet.The laughter continues…I bet you want more …Stay creepy and stayed tuned for I am not done as of yet…




He flies through the darknessFlies in the nightThis bizzare creature takes flightNo explanation of what and why They call him mothman when he is in the skyLook up high as you’re down below Sightings of him come and go mothman cometh and may see you soonMothman cometh and he may be looking for you…